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British Marine Spring Expo conference sessions round-up

Published on: 13 February 2020

British Marine Expo Spring

Last week British Marine held a number of talks and seminars sessions at the British Marine Spring Expo and some of our speakers have generously agreed to share their presentations for all members to access.

This includes

With the UK having now left the European Union, what does this mean for UK businesses. In this session Ross Wombwell of British Marine and Alasdair Reay of HPi-CEproof cover the effects and changes for UK manufacturers and distributors.

Download the presentation here. 

Small Commercial
Overview of a new guidance document to assist companies with understanding the process of Tendering for public sector contracts.

Download the presentation here.

Alternative propulsion
Overview of the current alternative propulsion systems available from industry leading speakers. 

Intro – Ross Wombwell

Download the presentation here. 

Mousa Baraka – Shell
Overview of Gas to Liquid and alternative fuel systems

Members can e-mail the Technical team for a copy on

Graeme Hawksley – Hybrid Marine

Download the presentation here.

Electrification and efficiency
Paul Holland – Energy Solutions

Download the presentation here.