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Managing a heatwave in the workplace - COVID19 guidance and Brexit Business Preparation

Published on: 13 August 2020


Workplace Conditions In the Heatwave 

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued guidance for the workplace with a focus on the exceptionally hot weather we are currently experiencing. It is particularly relevant to the Marine Industry as the physical nature of the work both in and outdoors can have an impact on health and safety. 

Read the latest guidance and requirements on managing workplace temperature here. 

COVID-19 Workplace Precautions & Workplace Spot Checks Update

In addition to conducting onsite inspections to ensure compliance with COVID-19 requirements, the HSE are also conducting checks by phone and will expect verbal confirmation of all COVID-19 standards being met. 

Check out the latest air conditioning and ventilation COVID-19 standards that all businesses must follow. 

Read the latest COVID-19 updates and guidance here.

Brexit & January 1 – Government workplace checklist 

There is a Government checklist which businesses can follow which covers what is needed after the transition period on January 1. Use this link to sign up for bulletins and updates.