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British Marine responds to CRT's revised Online Mooring Policy

Published on: 21 March 2019

Canal and river trust CRT

Nearly 15 months after the draft Online Mooring Policy consultation closed, the Canal & River Trust (CRT) published its its long awaited Online Mooring Consultation Report and revised Online Mooring Policy this week.

In 2017, following considerable member engagement, British Marine proposed that the c600 online moorings which were removed as a result of the CRT’s Online Mooring reduction policy should not be reinstated as it would go against the fair trading agreements between developers and the CRT during that time.

British Marine has therefore welcomed CRT’s reassurances in its report that it “will not re-instate moorings removed in respect of marinas that have gone through our new marinas process whilst this policy has been in force”.

British Marine also called for written reassurances that offline facilities being applied for or going through the planning process should continue to have the 1:10 online mooring reduction applied.

Again, British Marine support CRT’s statement, confirming that “the 1:10 online mooring reduction policy will still apply to these offline moorings. The Trust has already identified where long-term online moorings within 30 miles of new approved/applied for offline moorings would be removed.

The Trust has also confirmed that it does not intend to increase the number of online long-term moorings, however, as the remainder of its online long-term moorings will remain in place, British Marine called for them to be competitively priced with those offline facilities of a similar standard.

The Trust has reaffirmed its commitment to review how it will ensure its online moorings are priced competitively and so British Marine will remain vigilant on this matter, holding the CRT to account on behalf of our members.

As the use of short-term moorings will be further encouraged, British Marine believes enforcement of these short-term moorings will be critical to ensure the online cruising experience is of a high quality and not undermined.

Following recent dialogue with the CRT, a commitment has been made within its report to consider management options for mooring in areas of high demand, to ensure fair access and preserve the amenity of the waterways for all users. British Marine will, again, continue to represent its members’ interests on this matter as it develops and will look to hold the CRT to account if it doesn’t.

In response to the announcement, Lesley Robinson, British Marine CEO, commented: “Through British Marine’s new relationship with the Canal & River Trust, commitments outlined in the report demonstrate a shared desire to protect the interests of those businesses operating on the inland network. British Marine will, however, continue to focus its efforts on members’ long term interests and to protect the online experience for all leisure boaters.”

British Marine members can contact Brian Clark for further information on