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Run a Marine CSI Challenge and inspire a generation

Published on: 27 June 2019

Green Blue champions

The Green Blue's interactive Marine CSI activity is a stand alone onshore educational activity for sailing clubs/centres, organisations or businesses to run during open days, sailing regattas, youth events or as a session with cadet, Scout and Guide groups. The aim is to raise awareness of four key environmental issues and the good practice that boaters can adopt to help safeguard the wildlife and habitats we share our waters with.

At numerous recent boating events, young sailors have donned their detective hats and grabbed a magnifying glass to play the role of a marine special agent. This includes the Parkstone Bay Marina’s Family Fun Day, the RYA’s Onboard Festival, Volvo 49er and 49erFX, Nacra 17 European Championships and the Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre Open Day in Portland. Thanks to young #greenbluechampions, The Green Blue successfully identified the six culprits who polluted the fictional crime scene location, Paradise Harbour.

The Green Blue, a joint environmental awareness initiative between British Marine and the Royal Yachting Association, saw visitors at these events crack Marine CSI’s four environmental incidents by undertaking fingerprint analysis from an upturned oil can found on a slipway, unscrambling photographic puzzles on marine litter, performing pH tests on everyday solutions used onboard and identifying harmful invasive species that can hitch a ride on boat hulls and equipment.

Kate Fortnam, Campaign Manager for The Green Blue, said, “We are so pleased that Marine CSI has been such a success and provided a fun and engaging awareness raising resource to support our recreational boating community in sharing the good practice that boaters can adopt to keep our waters clean and safe for other water users and our amazing array of wildlife and habitats”

The Marine CSI activity continues to be popular, with many sailing clubs, centres, marine organisations and businesses continuing to approach The Green Blue interested in running this interactive activity for young sailors.

In response to this high level of interest, The Green Blue created standalone resource packs to enable organisers to plan and run their own Marine CSI Challenge. All resources come in a loan box which can be requested from The Green Blue and is accompanied by a video guide on how to deliver and set the activity up.

If your marine businesses, event, club or centre is looking for a fun, interactive and informative activity, including Marine CSI and resources to engage and raise awareness amongst your customers, visit or contact Kate Fortnam on 02380 604227. You can also follow @TheGreenBlue on social media to keep up-to date on The Green Blue’s awareness campaigns, activities and resources.