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Government provides fresh insight into how they will boost the UK tourism economy

Published on: 03 July 2019

UK tourism boost

On 28 June 2019, the UK Government published an exciting new report labelled “The Tourism Sector Deal”.  The document is thriving with new initiatives and investment plans that the Government wishes to achieve by 2025, which aligns with British Marine’s own 2025 strategy and illustrates how it wishes to achieve a 23% increase in tourism in the UK.

The document itself is lengthy and delves into detail. However, some important notes to highlight include Tourism Zones. It is proposed to develop up to five independent zones to address market failures in specific regions and increase sustainable tourism. Although these have not been announced, they are being run as a biding scheme with the winners and subsequent beginning of the scheme being announced in March 2020.

Furthermore, the government has vowed for a greater push in the number of apprenticeships in the UK workforce, as they set themselves a competitive target of 30,000 apprentices a year. This is also furthered by the commitment to 10,000 employee development schemes for individuals already in work. The rolling out of the new T-Level qualifications will help achieve this aim in creating a skilled workforce to ensure the reputation of the UK leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry is maintained as a leader in the world.

On top of this, the UK Government believes there is a current gap in the information, statistics and data that is available to smaller/medium size businesses. Its answer to this is the introduction of the British Tourist Authority: Development of Tourism Exchange Great Britain, a business to business platform connecting tourist suppliers to the wider world market, with a separate Tourism Data Hub to allow smaller/medium size business’s access to a platform where they can analysis tourist data to improve their business plans and ambitions.

Finally, the largest problem that the UK Government highlights in the tourism sector is the seasonality issue. There is an increase of 38% of inbound visitors through the months of July and September and this an area where the Government is particularly keen to close the seasonal gap. The new emphasis on the International Business Events Action Plan aims to encourage large international events into the UK to increase the footfall of tourists in off-peak seasons.

Although the initiative is still in its infancy, British Marine will track and update its progress, and will look for any opportunities to get involved and represent the industry.

If you wish to express your interest in getting involved, please contact Brian Clark, Head of Public Affairs, Policy & Research: