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Are you compliant with the new IPV Code?

Published on: 31 January 2019

The Southampton Boat Show

The new MCA IPV Code (Intended Pleasure Vessels in Temporary Commercial Use) came into force at the beginning of this year. This code stipulates that anyone using a pleasure vessel outside of the definition of pleasure vessel (for the sport or pleasure of the owner, his immediate family and friends) to sea, needs to have a safety management system in line with MGN 536 - Domestic Safety Management (DSM).

This code applies to brokers, boatbuilders, surveyors and delivery companies trialling, demonstrating, testing or delivering vessels. British Marine has created a new course detailing everything you need to know about the DSM. The next course takes place in Portsmouth on Wednesday 20 February 2019. Details and booking through the British Marine website can be found here.  
The benefits of attending are:

  1. To give an understanding of the responsibilities associated with the Domestic Safety Management Code and the International Safety Management Code
  2. To give a knowledge of DSM and identify the differences between DSM and ISM requirements to allow businesses to make an informed decision on whether to voluntarily apply ISM or not
  3. To give an understanding of the application of an SMS and give practical examples of the implementation of the SMS through using real life scenarios and working groups
  4. To reinforce the safety culture concept outlined in CoSWP, MCA Human Element and the relationship between vessel, staff, operator and DP

For more information about the training course, email our training team on

British Marine members with questions about the IPV code can contact the technical team on