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23rd edition of the Ship Captain’s Medical Guide has now been published

Published on: 12 December 2019


The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide (SCMG) is intended primarily for use on vessels where there is no medical professional, such as a doctor on board. It provides assistance and direction for crew members when it becomes necessary for them to assess and treat trauma and medical illness. Ships and fishing vessels which carry Category A or Category B stores are also required to carry a copy of the Guide. This may be in electronic format provided that it is readily accessible to anyone who may need to use it. The SCMG is also the handbook for UK medical first aid and medical training.

This 23rd edition was published in September and has been comprehensively re-written, with the aim of reflecting current best medical practice, applying this to the maritime environment. The new Guide also incorporates advances over the past 20 years in medical technology, treatment algorithms and global communications.

The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide 23rd Edition (ISBN number 9780115534614) is published by TSO on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). Copies may be obtained from TSO, the MCA’s official publisher, via its website here.

Full details on obtaining the latest edition of SCMG can rel="noopener noreferrer" be found through MIN 600 here.

British Marine members can get further advice by contacting the Technical team on