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The EU seeks industry feedback on passenger ship safety standards

Published on: 08 August 2019

EU Commission

The EU Commission seeks industry feedback on a draft passenger ship safety standard to Annexes of Directive 2009/45/EC, which are to be replaced by a delegated regulation.


No major changes were introduced in the text of the regulation itself or its three Annexes. Following the comments received from the Commission Legal Service, recitals 6-7-8 of the draft regulation were revised bringing more clarity to the subject matter of this legal act and outlining the obligation of the Member States to repeal the respective national legislation that had transposed Annexes of Directive 2009/45/EC, which are to be replaced by a regulation.


This amended directive brings the regulations up-to-date with the latest International Maritime Organisation (IMO) updates and also aligns definitions across the EU. One major change to the regulations is that they will exclude under 24m vessels from the scope. This will allow under 24m vessels made in steel or equivalent to be constructed to the UK’s Small Seagoing Passenger Ship (SSPS) code which they currently can’t be.


In addition, in Annex I of the draft Regulation, all parts - also called Regulations following the SOLAS rules‘ structure - were given numbers that simplifies their cross-referencing inside the text of Annex I.


The draft delegated regulation and its annexes can be viewed here.


British Marine members can share their views on the amendments via the British Marine Technical team on