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Join the trailblazer group for composite level 2 apprenticeship standard

Published on: 04 April 2019

national composites centre

An employer (trailblazer) group is being formed to look at the development of a level 2 composites laminator apprenticeship standard. This group will work with several different industries that the apprenticeship standard will be relevant to, including marine, automotive and aerospace.

Trailblazer groups are key to the development of new apprenticeship standards and aim to be representative of employers of varying sizes within the industries that would benefit from them. 

This helps to ensure that the new high-quality apprenticeship standards are relevant and fit for purpose and apprentices come out of their training fully competent and well-equipped for the workplace. 

A level 2 apprenticeship standard equips the apprentice with the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours to carry out their chosen job role. This can include additional qualifications and has a minimum 12-month duration – it can often take longer than 12 months to complete depending on the occupation.

A competent composites laminator combines materials to form a lighter more rigid structure as an alternative to metal for use in the manufacturing processes.

British Marine members can interested in being part of this trailblazer group must email the Training team by Monday 15 April 2019.

For more information on trailblazer groups and developing apprenticeship standards, please visit to the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education website here