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ICOMIA seeks feedback from the superyacht industry on non-SOLAS pleasure vessels operating in polar waters

Published on: 04 April 2019


Following the IMO report from Ship Design and Construction (SDC) 6 concerning safety measures for non-SOLAS ships operating in polar waters, ICOMIA’s representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Andy Williams, is seeking to provide input into the Correspondence Group, in particular the 'pleasure yacht' guidelines and scope of application.

Andy has made the following observations:

“As a general principal, whenever there is an objection to specific wording it is expected to provide an alternative for consideration. With this in mind, please consider how you would like the guidelines to be structured and what definitions for pleasure yacht would be acceptable. As suggested in the original New Zealand paper, it may not be necessary to define "pleasure yacht not engaged in trade" at all. There is certainly no definition in SOLAS so there is no automatic need to have a definition in the guidelines. We should be very wary about any definition as it could have implications for other aspects of our work, particularly the Tier III NOx regulations where recreational vessels are interpreted by a number of administrations to include commercial yachts.”

The request for information falls into two groups and the deadline for the first set of requested information is 15 April 2019 and the second deadline for the second round is 31 May 2019.

The first round comments on:

Fishing vessel guidelines:

  • Proposals for structure of guidelines
  • How to address alignment with/references to Cape Town Agreement
  • Application – confirm guidelines should apply to fishing vessels of 24 m and over.

Fishing vessels and yacht guidelines jointly

  • Proposal to align the language used in the preface and introduction to both sets of guidelines
  • Proposals for adding requirements under each section
  • Proposals for deleting requirements under each section

The second round comments on:

Fishing vessel guidelines:

  • Confirm scope of application:
    • to fishing vessels 24 m and above, or:
    • other?

Pleasure yacht guidelines:

  • Confirm scope of application:
    • to pleasure yachts 300 GT and above, not engaged in trade
    • other?

Fishing vessels and yacht guidelines jointly

  • Consider preface/introduction
  • Definitions, especially “pleasure yacht”
  • Do we need a definition of “fishing vessel”?
  • Development of goal-based standards

Review language to ensure it reflects standard non-mandatory terminology appropriate to recommended guidelines

The full documents and introductory message from the Coordinator of the Correspondence Group which, will aid in answering the request for information, can be found here.

To respond, please either send through the requested information through British Marine's Technical team via or via the UK representative