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British Marine Technical Report No 119 published

Published on: 07 March 2018


British Marine has published its latest Technical Report (TR119) which provides all the latest technical updates that member companies need to know. This includes domestic, EU and international legislation, compliance and standards, Maritime & Coastguard Agency marine notices, updates from the Health & Safety Executive and the latest funding opportunities. It is relevant to those members which need to stay on top of technical, environmental and manufacturing legislation, standards and processes.

This edition delivers an update on:

  • the ongoing standards development that have taken place to meet the new Recreational Craft Regulations
  • the list of harmonised standards published by the EU commission in December '17
  • a variety of industry consultations that are taking place
  • recent International Maritime Organisation meetings and publications
  • the implementation of the EU Ship Recycling Regulations and the requirements on the supply chain to provide materials declarations forms to customers for their Inventories of Hazardous Materials, which is a requirement within the Regulations
British Marine members can log in to the British Marine website and download a copy of TR119. A hard copy of the report will also be sent out shortly with the latest issue of the British Marine magazine. British Marine members are able to obtain technical assistance by contacting the Technical Department at