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Do you operate a passenger boat? Then you need to get involved with the MCA's Grandfathering Review

Published on: 13 December 2018

Passenger Boat Association - PBA

The MCA has released its Consultation on the Proposed Revised Technical Requirements and Associated Impact Assessment Resulting from the Review of Standards for Older UK Passenger Ships, otherwise known as the ‘Grandfathering Rights Process’. The proposed changes and full consultation documents can be accessed through the following link.

British Marine, alongside the Passenger Boat Association (PBA) have set up two member working groups to develop a concise and evidence-based response to the consultation, however, they need additional industry data, which only passenger boat operators can provide.

This Review could see some of the most significant changes to the domestic passenger boat industry in recent times and as such it is very important British Marine receives members’ input, with supporting evidence, to be able to put industry’s positions across to the MCA and Government.

To this end British Marine is seeking feedback from members of the PBA on the following:

  1. How many vessels does your business operate that will be affected by the Grandfathering Review?
  2. What category of water do those vessels operate on?
  3. Are any of the proposed changes going to stop you from operating the vessel? i.e. impossible or cost prohibitive to implement (please provide as much evidence as possible)
  4. How will the changes affect your business?

If you have any data on the above or any further comments on the MCA’s proposed changes please send them through to Ed Tuite at British Marine and Passenger Boat Association members with an interest in this work or wanting to get involved with the working groups, can also contact Ed.