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CRT launches online mooring policy review

Published on: 10 November 2017

online mooring

The Canal & River Trust (CRT) is reviewing the current policies for mooring along the banks of the waterways it manages, with the aim of setting out the strategic aims, principles and criteria for considering online mooring sites on the Trust’s network.

The revised online mooring policy states that online towpath moorings will generally be retained for:

  • 14-day moorings (general towpath mooring)
  • Short-stay visitor moorings
  • Winter moorings

Towpath moorings for the following types of boat may be acceptable in certain circumstances, for example:

  • Commercial boats and boats providing services for tourists and day visitors (e.g. trip and passenger boats, floating shops and restaurants) including not for profit community boats or boats operated for charitable purposes (for which there are no suitable alternative moorings in the area)
  • Historic/feature boats that have a specific and documented function for adding value to tourism and enjoyment of visitors to the area
  • Moorings for disabled access or to support the Trust’s Equality Policy

One significant change proposed in the consultation is to remove the automatic reduction of online moorings when new offline mooring provision is created (the 1:10 rule). The CRT states that the removal of the online mooring reduction approach is to ensure there remains a fair choice of both online and offline moorings for boating customers.

The CRT has informed British Marine and The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) that the previous c600 online moorings that have been removed as part of the online mooring reduction policy will not be reinstated.

British Marine also understands that any offline mooring facilities currently under development or in planning should have reassurances from the CRT that the online mooring reduction policy will apply to their facilities.

British Marine will be submitting a formal response to the consultation on this and other issues, in particular the provision of online winter moorings for “continuous cruisers” and it seeks comments from the membership on the CRT’s proposals.

The complete CRT Online Mooring Policy revision and consultation is available by clicking this link:

The consultation runs until 21 December 2017. If any member would like to contribute to the British Marine submission, please contact Brian Clark on 01784 223644 or e-mail:, ahead of the consultation deadline.