Apprenticeship levy employers? Be aware of the new features available with the apprenticeship service

Published on: 12 April 2017


As you’ll know, the apprenticeship levy was enforced from last week. It will underpin a reformed system in which apprenticeships are more rigorous, better structured, independently assessed and more clearly aligned with the skills valued by you as an employer. 

There are some new features available in the apprenticeship service, which will help you get set up and ready for when funds are visible in your account from May.

What’s new?

1. Find apprenticeship training

The Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers was published in March. You can now search for and select apprenticeships and approved providers who can deliver that training through the ‘Find apprenticeship training’ option.

2. Sign agreements

You may have seen the employer agreement online. You can now see and sign the agreement inside your account. Please note, only super-users for the account have permission to sign the agreement.

3. Add apprentices and set up payments

You can now also get apprentices set up on the system, ready for when they start from May. You can add apprentices and set up payments to your training provider. A video is available to take you through how the process works.

4. The English percentage

The funds available to employers to spend on apprenticeships depend on the percentage of their pay bill that’s paid to employees who live in England. HMRC works out the English percentage for each PAYE scheme by dividing the total year-to-date pay bill of employees who live in England by the total year-to-date pay bill of all employees.

The English percentage figures have now gone live for a selected group of employers through their apprenticeship service accounts. This is the first stage of a phased roll-out.

But first, you need to register your account

If you haven’t already, you will need to have set up your account. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Click here to set up or manage your account and access all the above features.

If you have any questions or issues accessing the service, please call 08000 150 600 or

Updated funding rules

Please note that the Apprenticeship Funding and Performance Management Rules 2017 to 2018 have been updated. These rules apply to all apprenticeship programmes starting on or after 1 May 2017.

If you have any further queries relating to apprenticeships, please contact Chris Holmes at or 01784 223811.