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Uploading Documents in Sitecore

This is a quick guide on how to load documents and images into sitecore in order to create links so that members can download them.

  1. Firstly, please try and keep the title of the document short and ensure that there are no hyphens or irregular characters in the file name by renaming of necessary. Otherwise the document will not display or be downloadable.

  3. When in Sitecore look at the bottom of the screen and you will see three tabs - Content Editor, Media Library and Workbox. Click on Media Library.Media Library Content Tree

  5. In order to find a location for you to store your document (in this case a PDF), follow a path such as /sitecore/media library/BMF/Files and Documents/PDF/Associations in the content tree (as pictured below) and click on the folder for your association or right click on the "associations" file and create a new media folder and name it to the name of your association. (see image to the left)

  7. Highlight the folder where you want to store your document or image and the "Upload File" icon will appear. Carry out this wizard and your uploaded file will then appear as the "BMTV Minutes 2May1" document does in the image below.

    Upload File



  9. If you need your item to be member only then click on the "security" tab at the top of the screen and click on the "member Only" icon once. If you require the item to be only available to specific members (such as only your association members) rather than all British Marine Members, then you will need to contact the Web team so they can select specific security privileges for your document.

  11. You will then need to publish your item. Click on the "publish" tab at the top of the sitecore content editor screen, click on the "publish" icon then select "publish item" from the drop down menu. DO NOT select "Publish Website". Carry out the wizard and your item will then be ready to link to.

  13. You can then click on the "Content Editor" tab at the bottom left of the screen and go to the page you wish to add a link to your item to. Highlight your link on the page then use the "Insert Sitecore link" icon  (the dark chain link) in the editor and find your document and link to it.

  15. For a downloable and printable copy of this uploading documents in Sitecore click here >