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Regional Associations

There are 10 regional associations serving the needs of all UK-based British Marine members, from the north of Scotland to the Channel Islands. Each association focuses on local issues and opportunities to ensure that the strategy and activities of British Marine are truly representative of the needs of the wider membership. 

Regional associations also provide excellent networking opportunities and often campaign on specific issues of local and national interest.

Please click on the relevant logo below to access the home pages of our regional associations. Once there, look out for the 'view a list of our members' link under the association logo to see the full list of the association's participants. You'll also see navigation links to access other information, such as latest initiatives and the names of the committee.

BMF South British Marine South West   BMF Wessex
 BM London and Thames Valley  British Marine Kent & Sussex
 British Marine Midlands
 BMF North
 BMF Scotland  BMF Wales