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Charter & Holiday with the British Marine Leisure Boating professionals

British Marine Leisure Boating is the largest group of UK and holiday companies that offer a wide variety of boats in some of the world’s best cruising areas.

Destination options are in abundance, whether you are looking for a picturesque break around the British Isles, sunnier climes, secluded beaches & coves or the peace of the open sea.

Our charter companies adhere to current legislation, especially with regards to the Package Travel Holiday and Package Tour Regulations 1992.  All our holiday members are ATOL  (Air Travel Organiser Licence) bonded.  ATOL is government’s licensing and financial protection scheme for air holidays and flights sold by tour operators and travel organisers in the UK.

Choice of charter & holidays options:

British Marine Leisure BoatingBareboat (B)

You supply the nominated skipper and he/she must be experienced in all aspects of boat handling, navigation and have knowledge of the collision regulations.  The skipper takes full liability for the safety of the crew and the boat.  The itinerary and food provisions are normally your responsibility.  You may need to show a copy of your Day Skipper qualification or equivalent together with a VHF radio licence.


Skippered (SK)

A qualified skipper is hired together with the vessel and they are responsible for your safety and the safety of the yacht.  One other crew member must have previous knowledge, as assistance with certain boat handling duties may be required.  You or your skipper can choose the itinerary.

Crewed (CW)British Marine Leisure Boating

A boat with a qualified skipper and qualified crew are hired to take charge and direct responsibility.  No previous experience is necessary, you can just relax or get involved if you would like to learn.  The itinerary is flexible.

Membership Boating and Boat Share (MBBS)

Membership Boating is an increasingly popular way to get on the water, offering many of the benefits of ownership but without the capital commitment, mooring costs and maintenance issues. Members have flexible access to one or more boats that they enjoy over a 12 month contract.

Boat share or shared ownership allows you to share the purchase and running costs of your boat with other like minded owners. Sharing a boat with others will get you on the water at a significantly lower cost than outright ownership.

Flotilla (F)British Marine Leisure Boating

A group of boats under the supervision of a lead boat.  Your individual yacht will accommodate your group.  The itinerary is set and morning briefings are given to advise for the day’s destination together with any local hazards to avoid on route.  Boat knowledge is essential for the nominated skipper and ideally the crew.  Individual companies will have certification requirements which can be obtained.

Beach Club (BC)

A hotel with beach side water activities including canoeing, kayaking, dinghy sailing and others  giving you the chance to enjoy as much or as little, as you’d like.  A flexible option for the family and those new to boating.

Activities (A)British Marine Leisure Boating

A vast range of things to do from snorkelling, diving, windsurfing, waterskiiing, kayaking, canoeing and dinghy sailing including others.  Individual companies provide a full list of what is offered.

Sail & Stay (SS)

A holiday combination of dividing your time between accommodation, like a hotel or villa, and a boat.  Your time on the boat can be bareboat/skippered or flotilla option, giving a perfect blend of land and sea options.

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