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British Marine Electrical and Electronics

About the BMEEA

The Association is made up from manufacturers and waterside dealers who provide advice, sales, installation and service of electronic and electrical equipment.

Dealers and installers regularly attend manufacturers courses, ensuring they are up to date with the latest products and installation techniques to the high standards of the BMEEA Code of Practice. The Association has developed a national qualification - BMET (British Marine Electrical Technician) specifically for the installation and service of electrical equipment. Additionally it has the MEI and AMEI qualifications (Marine Electronics Installer) for the installation of electronic equipment. The BMEEA was formerly known as the British Marine Electronics Association (BMEA) until October 2013.



Marine Electronics and Electrical Training

British Marine offers courses in marine electronics installation and electrical installation in order to become either a BMEEA-certified Marine Electrical or Electronics Installer. Find out more about these courses below:

  • Marine Electronics Installer
  • Advanced MEI
  • BMET Electrical Course

For further information on the BMEEA, please click here.