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The value of British Marine membership

British Marine works hard to keep membership costs at an affordable level. To illustrate the immediate return on investment that is possible if you join British Marine, here is a table showing a range of the services that we offer, along with their equivalent external values.



Average cost* 


Cost to a British Marine member

Support from our 25-plus team of marine sector specialists

  External consultant fees typically start at £500 per day   Free
Online job advertisements   £120-£300 per advertisement   Free on the BM website to members
Unlimited credit checking of UK businesses   £500-£1000 for a yearly subscription to a credit checking service   Free
British Marine Training grants

  No obvious equivalent available   Members can receive up to £1000 annually
24 Hour legal helpline   One hour of a solicitor's time circa £150 or greater    Free
British Marine Standard Contracts and other legal templates   Value of £1000 per document    Free
Boat Show tickets – six per year   £120 on the door value    Free
Dedicated marine VAT advisor   £100 per hour (for one VAT topic)    Free
Technical publications   £400 per year    Free
Statistics reports and resources    Up to £600 to access, if available    Free
Free attendance at networking events
  £10-£40 per event    Free (for most events)






*Average costs based on research of comparable services
**Minimum annual membership fee based on turnover up to £75,000 

For more information or guidance, please contact the membership team;
T: 01784 223 663