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Member details - British Marine

Beaulieu Enterprises Ltd

Trading name(s)Bucklers Hard Yacht Harbour
Beaulieu River Management Ltd
Telephone01590 612345
Fax01590 612624
AddressHarbour Master's Office, Buckler's Hard Yacht Harbour, Beaulieu
SO42 7XB
United Kingdom

Experience tranquility and stunning natural beauty on the Beaulieu River - where the New Forest meets the Solent.

Buckler's Hard Yacht Harbour is an unspoilt haven, rich in history and wildlife, ideal as a base for exploring the Solent and the Channel.

Safe, traditional and friendly, with a 5 Gold Anchor award from TYHA, there are a range of berths available on the river and within the marina. Full marina services and facilities are available, including a boat yard, valet service and fuel, as well as lavatories, showers and a launderette. Permanent berths available and visitors are welcome.

Beaulieu Enterprises Ltd operates in the following activities:

M = manufacturer, D = Distributor, I = Importer, R = Retailer, S = Service
Marine Services
Moorings and Waterside Services
Boat Lifts and HoistsS
Harbour MooringsS
River and Canal Bank MooringsS
Storage AshoreS