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This DSM/ISM training course includes the latest legislation and issues on DSM requirements for passenger vessels and operators using the new IPV code. Increase your knowledge on how to create and manage your safety management system.


  • To give an understanding of the responsibilities associated with the Domestic Safety Management Code and the International Safety Management Code.
  • To give a knowledge of DSM and identify the differences between DSM and ISM requirements to allow businesses to make an informed decision on whether to voluntarily apply ISM or not.
  • To give an understanding of the application of an SMS and give practical examples of the implementation of the SMS through using real life scenarios and working groups.
  • To reinforce the safety culture concept outlined in CoSWP, MCA Human Element and the relationship between vessel, staff, operator and DP


Highly recommended for 

  • Workboat operators
  • Charter vessel Operators
  • Passenger vessel operators
  • High speed passenger vessel operators 


  • Overview of legislative framework in UK and legal requirements for safety IMO, MCA, HSE, Local Byelaw, RAT’s, COSWP, M Notices and SI’s, Employment, Mobility, Codes and Class regs.
  • Overview and general purpose and compliance of SMS systems. Definition of a safety culture.
  • Types of system: ISM, Mini ISM, DSM, local requirements (PLA/HA), NWA workboat code, LY3 and MSN 1823
  • As per topics within DSM and following MGN 536, Amendment 1, Annex 1 and including other safety and environmental requirements within Sections 5-9. Syllabus to be assisted by and referencing MSIS 29 REV 11/15 (Instructions for the Guidance of Surveyors).
  • Practical exercises using small group working, reviewing case histories and scenarios to show where procedures have assisted in safe working practices. Utilisation of COSWP in assisting Risk assessment implementation through SOP and SMS.
  • Review and practical exercises of internal/external audit and certification, verification, self-assessment, MCA audit, period review and certification. Review ISM interim and compliance certification


More information will be published shortly