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Apprentice Mentoring Workshop

Mentoring apprentices – is this you?

British Marine with support of the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) are offering two workshops (one full day followed by a one half day) for those people who have an active role in mentoring apprentices. 

Those attending the workshops will gain an understanding of what mentoring is and what it is not, and looks at the skills required to successfully mentor. The workshops are interactive and thought provoking and enable those attending to develop their mentoring skills.

The workshops include information and practical activities, including a workbook that can be taken away for future reference.

Workshop one (full day) - Developing Mentoring Skills to Support Apprentices. This workshop aims to provide an understanding of the skills and behaviours needed for successful mentoring for anyone that has a responsibility for supporting apprentices in the workplace.

Workshop two (half day) – Reviewing Mentoring Skills to Support Apprentices. Designed as a follow up to the first workshop and it is run approximately two to three months after the first. The second workshop requires delegates to bring their own scenarios and experiences to the workshop and discuss progress with peers, and will be a refresher on the skills and techniques that can support their mentoring practice going forward. 

On completing both workshops, delegates will be able to:

  • Recognize their role as an apprentice mentor and the key skills and abilities required for the role
  • Understand how mentoring works alongside their other workplace roles
  • Reflect on their skills and abilities, work experience, and the day to day challenges they face and how this experience can be applied to the mentoring role
  • Understand core mentoring skills and how these can be applied to the mentoring role, including building trust and rapport and developing listening and questioning skills
  • Plan for mentoring meetings
  • Recognise issues in the mentoring relationship and understand how to address them
To register your interest in attending the workshops, please contact