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Apprenticeship Opportunities

Whether you are preparing to leave school or looking to change careers, the marine industry offers a range of exciting opportunities, a variety of challenges and a spirit of teamwork.

There are a number of apprenticeships offered by marine employers. Please note that the following list is not comprehensive as new Standards are being developed and the older framework pathways are being phased out.



Older existing apprenticeship framework/pathways


(these are being phased out)



New apprenticeship standards


(these will replace the older framework pathways)

Engineering Manufacture (England)

Level 2 Intermediate level in Engineering Manufacture (operator and semi-skilled) Pathway 2 Marine (ship, yacht, boat building maintenance and repair)


This framework encompasses a wide range of job titles including for example – marine fabricator/welder; marine electrical fitter; marine engine fitter; marine mechanical fitter; boat builder; sail maker, boat mover; marine painter; marine fitting out, etc.


Level 3 Boat builder apprenticeship


Level 3 Marine engineer apprenticeship


Level 3 Heritage engineering technician apprenticeship


Level 3 Composite technician apprenticeship


Level 2 Marina & boatyard operative apprenticeship


Level 2 Sewing machinist apprenticeship


Level 2 textile manufacturing operative apprenticeship


Level 3 Outdoor activity instructor apprenticeship


Level 2 Engineering operative apprenticeship (this has a range of specialist options including maintenance role, mechanical, fabrication, technical specialist, materials/finishing, technical support)


Level 3 engineering technician - maritime defence apprenticeship


Level 4 Propulsion technician apprenticeship


Level 3 Marine electrician (early stages of development)


Yacht paint sprayer (yet to be developed)

Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering Manufacture (craft and technician) Pathway 4 Marine (yacht and boat building, maintenance and repair)


This framework pathway encompasses wide range of job titled for example – marine engineer; marine electrician; boat builder; marine painter; rigger/boat mover; marine fitting out; marine electronics technician


In addition to the above there are other apprenticeship framework/pathways s that
also have relevance to the marine sector:

  • Business administration
  • Material processing and finishing
  • Fabrication
  • Improving operational performance
  • Customer service
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resources

Other job occupations where apprenticeship standards currently exist include:

  • Stock person
  • Business administrator
  • HR advisor
  • Sales
  • Marketing executive
  • Hospitality supervisor
  • Business improvement technician
  • Welder
  • Customer service practitioner

The Maritime Skills Alliance detail other apprenticeships that are offered in the maritime sector, for example Port Operations Officer, and Workboat Operatives


The Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) provides further information about the contents of the different apprenticeship standards