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Who British Marine Represents

British Marine represents a wide range of businesses in the leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry. Our 1,500+ members include boatbuilders, chandlers, brokers, superyacht designers, equipment and engine suppliers, coastal and inland marina operators, plus many more from the diverse sectors within the industry.

We do not represent the sporting interests of our industry. This is achieved by the sport's governing bodies and national authorities, but we work closely with them to achieve the best for our members and consumers. We also do not represent large commercial shipping, defence or the commercial fishing industry.

Industry stats

  • The turnover of the UK leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry is £3.2 billion (2016/17).
  • There are around 33,000 employees in c.5,000 businesses.
  • In terms of revenue, a large proportion are builders and distributors of boats, both big and small.

 In addition to representing our members, we also support and advise consumers through:

  • Encouraging people to enjoy the sea, rivers and inland waterways
  • Increasing awareness of opportunities on the water via our Boat Shows and consumer project, On The Water
  • Promoting career opportunities in our industry