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.Yachts and .Boats Domains


British Marine partners with Dominion Domains to offer all British Marine members a discount on .boats and .yachts domain names.


.Boats and .yachts domain names are the newest trend in online marketing, and companies are rushing to secure their company’s best new URL before the competition.  We’ve answered some common questions below to help you understand why you should invest in a new domain and what name might be right for your business.

What are .boats and .yachts domains?

The current website market is completely oversaturated with standard domain names such as .com and, and companies are having a difficult time finding available names that accurately represent their businesses.  As a result, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) authorized over 500 new top level domains-- including .boats and .yachts-- to host web addresses as alternatives to the older .com and domains.  

By providing industry- and interest-specific domain names for sale to the public such as .boats and .yachts, companies would have more options for creating strong branding in their URLs, and it would give consumers a stronger indicator of which sites to trust when researching information online.  According to google, these new top level domain names, including .boats and .yachts, will be as popular as .com names in the near future.*



How do I choose the right domain name?


Use the following guidelines to help you choose the best new .boats or .yachts domain name for your business.  Your new domain should be:

  • Short.  Shorter names are more memorable and easier to use in marketing materials.

  • Easy to type with correct word spellings (example: express vs. xpress).

  • Focused on keywords that drive new customers (example:

  • Relevant to your target market (example:

  • Void of numbers and hyphens, which make it more difficult to understand and remember.

  • Brand protective. Consider registering misspellings of your brand name so you never miss a customer.

If I am happy with my current domain name, why should I still consider purchasing a .boats or .yachts domain?’

  • Better branding.  A shorter and more descriptive domain name helps you reinforce your brand at the beginning of the online sales funnel.

  • Availability.  New domains are your opportunity to seize valuable online real estate like domains based on location or boat type.

  • Brand Protection. Purchasing your name quickly prevents the competition from registering your name or similar competitive URLs.

  • Memorability. Less characters means easier to remember-- particularly when you are using an email address.  

  • Perception.  Remember when you wondered if mobile sites were something you need to worry about?  Purchasing a .boats or .yachts domain today prepares you for the future.

Where can I purchase a new domain?

Please visit our British Marine registration page for exclusive domain discounts.