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“Why keep all your eggs in the UK basket?” There is a world full of business opportunities for UK businesses to explore and achieve greater growth. Some businesses think that their product is not suitable for export, some think that export is a ‘too bigger topic” for them and some just think it is beyond their means.

The simple fact is, if you have a product or service and you are a bona-fide British business then you may be able to export it and we can help you find out. We have a hub of knowledge ranging from in-house guidance to support from UK Government.

We can help your business by guiding you to the following information links

  • Why not get a great overview of creating your export plan first by looking at an 'Essential Guide to Exporting'
    Click the link - essential guide to exporting >
  • Are you looking for the latest overseas business opportunities?
    Click the link - Exporting is GREAT

For further information please contact:

Richard Selby, International Development Manager       or Telephone 01784223642

Johanna Sargeant, Senior International Development and Events Executive or Telephone 01784 223628