Boat Distribution and Retail

Boat Distribution & RetailThe boat distribution and retail sector handles the sale and distribution of new yachts, motorboats, narrowboats and other craft. It is served by a dedicated British Marine Group Association, plus several other significant Group Associations with interests in this sector.

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The British Marine Boat Retailers and Brokers Association is very focused on companies involved in the sale and distribution of boats. Membership of this association requires adherence to sector specific Codes of Practice providing boat buyers with an essential hallmark that they can trust. The Association also runs excellent networking events and has played in a leading role in developing the Boat Sales Qualification.

Other British Marine Group Associations with an interest in this sector include Commercial Marine, British Marine Sailing, British Inland Boatbuilding and Superyacht UK

Any member working in this sector can benefit from stand discounts at the London and Southampton Boat Shows, free 24 hour legal advice and contract templates with an equivalent value of over £1000 each, among many benefits.

Open quote for member endorsementMembership brings confidence to boat buyers – they know we adhere to a Code of Practice…it promotes professionalism in our industry, which is essential

Sean Noble, Ancasta International Boat Sales

Group Associations for this sector

British Marine Boat Retailers & Brokers logo  British Saling British Marine Inland BoatbuildingBMF Commercial Marine Superyacht UK

Boat Distribution and Retail Benefits
Boat Show Benefits for Members

Along with the boat show discount available to British Marine members, we have additional benefits for members to take advantage of at the shows;

Boat Show Discounts

British Marine members are entitled to receive discount off their stand space at our Shows

Corporate Foreign Currency Exchange

If your business is regularly working with foreign currency then you could make a significant saving through this service, provided in partnership with Foenix Partners.

Hotel Boats

Hotel Boats

Marine and Maritime SME Growth Fund

Find out about the Marine and Maritime SME Growth Fund

Marine Job Vacancies

British Marine have constant postings of vacancies from its 1600 members for jobs in the leisure marine industry. From Boat building, apprenticeships, boat fitting, brokerage, design, engineering and marina staff to watersports instructors, on board staff, shipwrights, sailing instructors and skippers.

Social Media

British Marine is pleased to offer a full day of Social Media training in August. The day will be split into two sessions and delegates can either attend the morning or afternoon session or they can attend both.

Training Courses

British Marine training is passionate about the development and progression of the UK marine industry. From career prospects to recruitment to training grants and training courses, we are here to assist and advise.

Become a Committee Member

Each Association under British Marine is run by a Committee made up of individual members.

Boat Safety Scheme

The Boat Safety Scheme, or BSS, is a public safety initiative owned by the Canal & River Trust and the Environment Agency. Its purpose is to help minimise the risk of boat fires, explosions, or pollution harming visitors to the inland waterways, the waterways' workforce and any other users.

Boating Consumer Research

Boating Consumer Research: British Marine funds and produces research that seeks to improve understanding of consumer trends in a wide variety of leisure boating sub-sectors. This includes research on boating participation behaviour, as well as purchasing and spending habits.

British Marine Affinity

British Marine, in partnership with AF Affinity, brings all members a new membership benefit offering savings and discounts.

British Marine Boating VISA Card

British Marine's official Credit Card offers great value with attractive rates and additional benefits to cardholders, including exclusive offers.

British Marine Industry Trends November 2015 to June 2016

British Marine conducts a survey bi-annually to measure current business performance and trends in the marine industry over the last six months and future expectations. The latest version of this report for the period November 2015 - June 2016 is now available to download.

British Marine Industry Trends Survey Jun-Nov 2015

British Marine Industry Trends Survey June 2015 to November 2015. British Marine conducts a survey bi-annually to measure current business performance and trends in the marine industry over the last six months and future expectations. The latest version of this report for the period June 2015 - November 2015 is now available to download.

British Marine mediation scheme for members

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and can be a time and cost efficient process for resolving disputes. British Marine has set up a mediation scheme to enable the easy resolution of disputes within the marine industry.

British Marine Training Grants

British Marine is keen to encourage training to its members and runs a Training Grant Scheme to increase the level of training offered to employees in the marine industry. This is a great member incentive which allows member companies to apply for grants towards the cost of relevant training courses.

British Marine working with others

British Marine works with a number of business groups to create a stronger business voice to engage Government, Regulators and Parliament for support and change

Careers Campaign

Feedback from British Marine members has resulted in a British Marine careers campaign to go live in March 2016. Members are keen to promote the opportunities within their businesses and the marine industry as a whole and to attract the the best candidates.

Commercial Vessels

Commercial vessels in the UK may be subject to various legislation dependant on their size and normal operating areas, British Marine will keep members informed with up to date information.

Commercial Vessels on Inland Waterways and Domestic Waters

Commercial Vessels on Inland Waterways and Domestic Waters

Commercial Vessels Operating at Sea

Read about the Rules and Regulations applicable to Offshore commercial craft


Each Association under British Marine is run by a Committee made up of individual members.

Communicating with Members - British Marine

British Marine endeavours to ensure that its members benefit from up-to-date information on services, developments, consultations, grants opportunities, technical, legal and tax changes and Boat Shows, to name just some of the many areas covered.

Consumer Campaigns

British Marine promotes boating participation by its On The Water initiative, environmentally friendly boating through The Green Blue and the benefits of buying from British Marine members through its Look for the Logo.

Discounts and Savings

British Marine offer members a number of discounts and savings. Find out what discounts and savings are available.


British Marine’s Environment & Boating Facilities service offers the best environment and planning advice to the trade.

Export Guidance

Export Guidance from British Marine on: How to reclaim foreign VAT, Export Control Licences, Press Advice for Exhibitors, The Jones Act, Incoterms and links to the ICOMIA Distributors Guide and Market Selection Index Tool.


A guide to export for growth from British Marine in association with UKTI


Frequently Asked Questions of the British Marine Legal Services team

Floating Leisure Articles Legislation - Floating Leisure Articles placed on the market within the European Union

As a benefit to British Marine members, this report details Floating Leisure Articles placed on the market within the European Union


We fund members with training grants to encourage continuous staff development, plus we are continually monitoring and signposting sources of funding which are readily available from Government departments including LEPs, MAS and Innovate UK.

General Business Support

Find out about funding and business support for UK companies

Grant Funding by AF Affinity

Information on GrantResource bought to British Marine members by AF Affinity.

Headline Statistics

Headline statistics on the UK leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry

Health and Safety

Health & Safety is a vital aspect of running a modern business, British Marine offers Health & Safety guidance.

ICOMIA Quarterly Economic Statistics 2016 (Q2)

ICOMIA’s Quarterly Economic Statistics Report 2016 (Q2) provides valuable information on economic development in over 45 countries across the world, including: inflation rates, economic growth, car registrations/sales, consumer confidence, producer price index and the Big Mac Index.

ICOMIA Recreational Boating Industry Statistics 2015

The latest ICOMIA Recreational Boating Industry Statistics book (edition 2015) is the foremost annual tool the industry has to measure international activity in the recreational boating industry.

IMO and ICOMIA - British Marine

British Marine Representation at the IMO and Reports

Inland Hire Boats

Inland Hire Boats

International Calendar 2016

A list of marine business events at the International Marine Shows such as London Boat Show, Boot Dusseldorf, Miami Boat Show, Dubai International Boat Show, Taiwan International Boat Show, Monaco Yacht Show and more.

International Development Support

Supporting our member companies as they develop their businesses across the globe and acts as your gateway to the services available from: UK Trade & Investment, UK Embassies and Consulates

International Shows

British Marine create and facilitate attendance at numerous oversea marine shows and events for its members. The International Development team are constantly monitoring target countries and emerging markets for business opportunities and the potential in assisting and supporting our members in exhibiting overseas.

International Standards Development - British Marine

As a member benefit, British Marine represent members in International Standards Development

International Statistics and Market Intelligence

Our market research service and market intelligence over 20 international marine markets helps members develop their business in overseas markets

Key Performance Indicators and Industry Trends Research

British Marine’s Key Performance Indicators for the Leisure, Superyacht & Small Commercial Marine Industry report is a biennial report that uses aggregated data shared by our members, combined with internal knowledge of non-members involved in the marine industry, to provide a robust economic audit of the industry.

Knowledge Centre

The British Marine Knowledge centre comprises of useful articles and information to help its members in the Marine industry concerning Technical Issues, Legal and Finance, Environmental and Facilities Issues, Training, Statistics and Market Research, International Development, Marketing, External Relations and Business Support.

Latest Technical News

Latest Technical News from the British Marine Technical Team as a benefit to their members. British Marine members are able to comment on current industry consultations. British Marine members come from around 4,200 businesses in today's UK leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine markets.

Legal Services and VAT

British Marine do all they can to support their Members with a range of Business Support Benefits and Services, these are delivered by our Commercial Partners and by working with other Members who offer relevant services.

Life-saving Appliances (LSA)

Rules and regulaions aplicable to the design, construction and servicing of LSA

Look for the Logo

Look for the Logo is a campaign that highlights the key benefits of engaging with British Marine's 1600 members when buying a boat or any marine-related service or product.

Manufacturers Identity Code - MIC

One of the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) is that every CE-marked boat has a unique identity number that can be used to identify the country of origin, the builder and year of build of the boat.

Marketing Promotion - British Marine

Details of British Marine Marketing department and how they promote British Marine members.

Mediation Information

Mediation is a process for resolving disputes. In mediation, parties are helped by an independent third party, the mediator, to reach an agreement with which they are happy and resolve their dispute. A good mediator is a skilled, experienced and imaginative problem solver who will be very much involved in the process of reaching a solution.

Member Directory

There are a number of British Marine member law firms, financial and commercial advisors that can help you. British Marine is the membership organisation for the leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry.

Mercedes Affinity

Through the Mercedes-Benz Affinity scheme, British Marine members can enjoy all the benefits of the latest models for less than you expected.

Offers of the Month

Through the Mercedes-Benz Affinity scheme, British Marine members can enjoy all the benefits of the latest models for less than you expected.

On The Water

On The Water promotes the products and services of British Marine members and encourage the public to get started in boating and watersports.

Our Associations

British Marine has 11 regions and 16 group associations, which members can join depending on their sector and business.

Personal Development

British Marine has developed personal development accreditations to benchmark individuals within the industry to meet rigorous industry standards promoting professionalism and standardisation.

Quality Schemes

British Marine and its associations run a number of quality schemes for its members operating in different sectors. These schemes provide a benchmark for good practice and allow members to both benchmark themselves against their competitors but also to provide evidence to their customers that they are offering an independently checked and verified quality product.

Recreational Craft Directive

The Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) is a trade-enabling European New Approach Directive which sets minimum requirements of a boat which guarantee its suitability for sale and use within the European Union.

Representation and Promotion

Foe more than 100 years British Marine's most important role has been to represent its members and the UK marine industry

Selling Skills for the Marine Industry

Whatever your background, if your job involves selling, then the 'Selling Skills for the Marine Industry' will help you maximise your effectiveness in this crucial area.


Superyacht Manufacturing, Distribution and Service Sector Research: The UK’s superyacht sector is world renowned for innovation in design and manufacturing, as well as supporting services that make it one of the premier destinations for Superyacht projects.

Supporting the Industry

Find out how British Marine supports the UK marine industry. British Marine members are able to comment on current industry consultations. British Marine members come from around 4,200 businesses in today's UK leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine markets. The turnover of those markets is worth £2.855 billion. Register to find out the latest news from the leisure marine industry.

Technical Library

Useful links to publications, reports and other essential industry information.

Technical Publications

A one stop resource for technical publications

Technical Reports

British Marine providing industry guidance with the Technical Report, including manufacturing and environment updates.

Technical Support

As the membership organisation for the leisure, superyacht and small commercial Marine Industry, British Marine knows how important it is to get the details right, first time.

Template Contracts

We have developed standard template agreements to be used in the course of running your business.

The EU Referendum - British Marine

The outcome of the EU Referendum

The Green Blue

This is British Marine’s flagship environmental outreach programme, developed with our partners the RYA. British Marine members can take advantage of Loads of free support. Take a look!

The Green Blue

The Green Blue project is an innovative environmental awareness programme founded by British Marine and the Royal Yachting Association (RYA). Its primary purpose is to enable boat users, marine businesses and sailing clubs to reduce their impact on our coastal and inland waters.

The Law Relating to Brokerage and Boat Retailers

Brokers and boat retailers typically have responsibility for ensuring that the legal framework surrounding the sale and purchase of small craft is fit for purpose and for conducting the transaction successfully within this framework.

The UK Marine Labour Market

The leisure marine industry has experienced challenging times following the wake of the global financial crisis and the subsequent recessions and slow and patchy recovery of the UK economy.

Training and Careers

British Marine Training can support your business by helping you to recruit staff on our online job portal, help you attract new talent through the British Marine careers campaign and offer you assistance on training advice and information.

UK Navigation Authorities

UK Navigation Authorities

Unlimited Credit Checking

British Marine members can access unlimited UK credit reports free of charge

Value Added Tax

British Marine offer their members a free tax advice service through our dedicated British Marine VAT specialist at PKF Francis Clark.

Web marketing tips - British Marine

The Marketing, Public Relations and Online departments can help you make your product and brand more visible in the marketplace, whether through British Marine or British Marine Boat Shows.

Working with Members - British Marine

Find out how British Marine can support individual member businesses

Boat Distribution and Retail News

UK Government Industrial Strategy

Get involved with the UK Government Industrial Strategy

20 Feb 2017

Read British Marine's update on the Government's new Industrial Strategy and find out how members can get involved and help shape the future for the UK marine industry.


Mercedes-Benz monthly offers for British Marine members

19 Feb 2017

Calling all British Marine members...find out how you can enjoy all the benefits of the latest models for less than expected.

Beds on Board

Beds on Board discount for members

18 Feb 2017

Read how Beds on Board is offering fellow members an exclusive 10% discount on any stay booked before the end of May 2017.


Dometic re-brands marine companies into a single name

17 Feb 2017

Read how British Marine member, Dometic, has announced it will merge its current portfolio of marine brands and re-brand them under the Dometic name.


Apprenticeship news – keeping up-to-date with information and guidance published by the Government

16 Feb 2017

As the date for the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy and new apprenticeship funding rules approach, more guidance and information is being published by the Department for Education and the Skills Funding Agency.